What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Branding

Business Insights for Small Business

Having an effective brand is a must for every business – large or small.

This book will show you how to create a powerful branding that will grow your business and earn big profits!

The author explains the methods and techniques big businesses use to create hugely successful brands and shows you how to apply them in the development of your brand. The information is presented in clear, easy to understand language with numerous supporting visuals and anecdotes. This is one of the most important books you’ll find to help turn your small business into a big business!
With this book you’ll discover everything you need to know to develop an effective brand that will increase sales and grow your business:

    • How to create a brand that will add significant value to your business
    • How to “position” your brand to compete and win in the marketplace
    • How to create an “authentic” brand that is aligned with your core business 1values
    • How to take the mystery out of developing a logo and effective brand image
    • How to get your employees, partners and key stakeholders will buy into, and support your brand initiative, to create a brand driven culture within your business

Discover the techniques successful brands like, Nike, Absolut, and Apple use, and learn how to apply them to create your own successful brand!
Loads of supporting visuals and interesting anecdotes. This book makes creating an effective brand  for your business enjoyable, while providing many valuable business and marketing insights that will help you grow your business.
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